1.  Orders
2.  Shipment
3.  Payment
4.  Law of sale
5.  Articles return
6.  Payment return
7.  Price



     Because they are unique articles, the dispatch of the article can take us a month. To this, it will be necessary to add the time for the company to deliver it to the destination point.


   The payment will be made in advance by means of bank draft or by check and the banking expenses will be on the client. The amount that must be sent to  our account is the number in yens that appears in the page of each article. The number in euros or dollars is only approximate.  

 Law of sales

Legal person: Tominaga Takako

Domiciliation:  Minami Magome1-45-16, Ota-ku, Tokio 143-0025, Japón

Article return

     The return of the article (being a mistaken article or damaged) will have to be made within 8 days from arrival and after notifying it to us by Fax or electronic mail. In this case the expenses of shipment would be paid by us.

  Returns in the following cases will not be accepted:


 Payment return 

      The payment refund will be made as the client indicates . The money will be sent once we have received the article and the banking expenses of the remittance will be paid by us. If the return of the article is not because it was damaged or a mistaken article, but by convenience of the client, the client will pay  all the banking expenses and the shipment.



    The real price of articles is the one expressed  in yens. The number in euros and dollars is only approximate. Our calculation has been: 1 $= 110 yens; 1 = 135 yens.